My goals for the upcoming year

I have to admit, 2018 was a rocky year for me. So many things happened! I graduated college, started my first job, had some roundtrips to the hospital (not just for me, my direct family too), but all in all, it was a great year!

But now it’s 2019 and I need to think about this years goals. I have been thinking about them, my life goals, my book-related goals. And what better way to try and reach those goals then to publish them here so everyone can check up on me and guilt me into doing the ones I don’t want to do.

My reading goals for this year are pretty simple and directed to accomplish a few goals, which all basically point to one big goal: getting rid of my huge tbr pile. I plan to do that by:

  • reading at least one book a week
  • not buying books unless it’s a special edition, or I need to complete a series I already own (subscription boxes are excluded from this)
  • stop reading from my e-reader and instead focus on my physical copies

Reading one book a week may not seem like a lot, but as I will explain later I won’t have much free time on weekdays. But I hope to at least finish one. Of course I want to read more and if I do it’s a bonus, but I have so much to do already, I just don’t want to put too much pressure on what should be something I do to relax!

I started my first ‘real’ job in November! I’ve worked retail since I’ve been 16, so I’ve always been busy. First when I was in highschool, and then during college. When I was graduating I even worked two jobs (one being at night so it kinda worked but I was always tired)! But now I have the weekends off and I can read during my commute to work. I do have some goals to make the most of my first year at this new company:

  • accompany colleagues on quickscans
  • do batwork in the summer
  • work on my writing skills (I haven’t written offical reports in Dutch in years)

I sometimes have a hard time asking for help when I need it because I don’t want to come across like I don’t understand things. But in this business, time is money and I can afford to waste it.

My personal goals are mainly to ensure that I don’t lose my way working a 40h job while I also have to take care of myself. The past few months have been hard, I had surgery, my dad had surgery, the mental state of my family hasn’t really been improving after it being torn down to the ground. So these are goals for me, that I have to reach in order to survive the year:

  • have one night a week (at least) where I do nothing but sit on the couch to catch up on my tv series
  • plan more dates with friends
  • or actual dates-dates
  • prepare food for multiple days during the weekend so I’m less stressed when I come home after work
  • sleep an average of 6-7 hours a night

I pretty much suck when it comes to sleep. I’ve had months in college where I didn’t sleep for more than 4 hours a night. While I got used to it after a while, I’m now older and I have more responsibility. I can’t afford to not take care of myself. And who doesn’t like sleep, right??

That seems to be the condensed version of my goals for this year! How are things going with you? Have you set any goals for yourself this year? Let me know!

See you next time,


21 thoughts on “My goals for the upcoming year

  1. Kristina says:

    One book a week is a pretty good goal ! I don’t even manage to read more than two books per months xd (though im now sitting at three this month, somehow) — Iknow we may feel like we have smaller goals compared to some other bloggers but, you do you !!

    yep.. I totally am the same with asking questions ahah woops… that is also why I failed a math course in high school x) I was the only senior in a class of a bunch a one-year-younger-than-me and… I didn’t wanted to look like the dumbass..

    Goodluck with your goal, dear ! xx

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    • Michelle says:

      Hahahah well, I failed so much in high school, and college wasn’t better at times. But being able to ask questions is something you have to learn, and failing is okay. As long as you learn from it!

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  2. Clo @ Book Dragons says:

    What is sleep xD *throws all the luck your way* I’m sure you achieve these goals Michelle, if you’re slacking…we’ll poke into the right direction πŸ˜‰ as for reading goals I settled on 35 books haha, which reminds me my teacher read my goals blog post the first Monday back.

    He’d mentioned how 3 books in a month wasn’t a low goal, which made me chuckle, it really goes to show that the book community puts a ton of pressure on themselves. We feel like we need to read a load of books to just be able to say we’re a reader…at least at the start. When i’d mentioned that in the book community we can read over 100+ books a year, he seemed shocked…so it kinda shows how ambitious we all are (and shoving a ton of stress on ourselves)

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    • Michelle says:

      I absolutely know what you mean, when I told people at work how much I read (even if it’s just one book a week) they’re stunned. Many of them don’t read more than 3 of 4 books a year… I wonder what they’ll say when I tell them a friend of mine read 365 books last year :’)

      If any of the 35 books are really really good, please let me know. I might need to make a down the tbr hole post, but I still could use some good recommendations πŸ™‚

      And thank you for poking me in the right direction. I’m kind of scared as to how you’d do that, but at least you would never put me in time out.. right?? RIGHT??

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  3. Isabelle @ BookwyrmBites says:

    there’s no going back, you know we’re absolutely going to “check up on you and guilt you into doing the goals you don’t want to do” now that you’ve posted them on your blog!

    I absolutely agree with keeping your reading goal realistic; you can actually achieve it without too much stress and you may even surpass it: win-win πŸ˜‰ meal planning/prep and sleep have definitely worked wonders for me, though I’m still a hot mess of a college student and probably not actually qualified to give advice. best of luck πŸ€ and lots of love πŸ’•


    • Michelle says:

      I feel like I made a huge mistake saying that 😦

      But yes! This year is all about reducing stress and taking care of me. I need to learn how to stop worrying about others as I do that way too often and it usually ends up with me being on the wrong side of the happy scale πŸ˜‚.

      And I’m pretty sure college students are generally a hot mess, but you give pretty good advice πŸ˜‰ thank youπŸ’•

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      • Isabelle @ BookwyrmBites says:

        awww πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• we’re here for you, whether you want to vent or need Soph to put you in timeout so you’ll get things done! πŸ˜‰


  4. Olivia-Savannah says:

    I can so relate to the sleeping issue. I have it a bit better though because my average hours are 6 a night. But honestly, I can’t sleep more than six hours even if I don’t set an alarm. And I sleep at all the wrong times!
    I really like the steady goal of a book a week and reading more of your physical ones. I am on a book buying ban until June 2019 so I feel you! I like the exceptions you made though! My exception is author events because if I want a signed copy I will get one while I have the chance πŸ˜›
    Hope the work goals and the rest of the personal ones go well too! I want to try and watch more movies and series this year too because I am so terrible at doing that DD:

    My recent post:


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