Slay by Kim Curran (review)

Slay by Kim Curran
Genre: Young Adult | Fantasy
Length: 298 pages
Published May 3rd 2018 by Usborne Publishing
Purchase: Amazon|Book Depository


Meet SLAY – SLAY do two things and they do them well: they play killer music and they slay killer demons.

When Milly, the lonely daughter of a world-famous opera singer, arrives home to discover that her mum has been taken over by something very evil, she finds herself in mortal danger. But the last people she expects to rescue her are the hottest boy band on the planet…

Enter SLAY: playing kickass gigs in the spotlight, and saving the world from demons in the shadows… Suddenly, Milly’s on the road with JD, Tom, Niv, Zek and Connor, racing against the clock to stop the demons who killed her mum… One thing’s for sure, it’s going to be a hell of a show!

I think I bought this book at Waterstones in Amsterdam, or maybe the American Book Store. the bright coloured cover was what pulled me towards it, the synopsis and the fact that it would be a fun and easy read for in between my heavier fantasy reads made me buy it. And who can blame me, a demon-slaying boyband? It’s like 5 seconds of summer suddenly appeared in Supernatural.

I’ve always listened to boybands, or just bands, and what I realised when I grew up is that they form their own family. They’re on tour for so long, they almost become brothers or sisters. Which is exactly what happened to the boys from SLAY. They all know eachother and when Milly joins them, you almost become her. You’re the new person in the group, so this part of the story really works. Except the whole ‘my mom got turned into a demon’ part of course.

Getting to know five boys, their manager, ánd Milly was kind of offputting at first. I’m always a little scared that we don’t really get to know the characters. I was a little bit right. While there is just a little background on each of the boys and the manager, in comparison to Milly, you get to know the band as a whole by them joking around. One of the surprising addition to this joking around was the fact that one of the boys uses sign language to communicate as he hasn’t spoken in years. Milly of course knows sign language (her father was deaf), and one of the boys doesn’t. This creates funny moments, but it also seemed a bit too convenient? It does however highlight the fact that such a limited amount of people know sign language, since even a member of the band doesn’t know how to sign and doesn’t understand it either.

What really kept me going was the Aztec mythology part of it all. So many books that incorporate mythology keep to Christian, Norse, Greek, but this was new and really, really interesting. I found myself searching for more information regarding the mythology online. Which was kind of dumb since I would get that information if I just kept reading. It’s an important part of the story and so rarely used. I can’t remember a book, let alone a YA book that incorporated Aztec mythology.

And then there’s the trope I hate the most in YA books. The love triangle. The two main characters that you get to know most are Milly and JD, but Milly falls for Tom, and vice versa. JD does too, but tries to hide away his feelings until one of his bandmates tells him that he should give it a shot, that they should let Milly choose. While the ending of the book seemed to end the love triangle, I’m still curious to see how this is going to play out in the next book.

This was a very fun, enjoyable read to start the year with! It was honestly such a step away from the ‘normal’ demon hunting I’m used to (which is pretty much Dean and Sam Winchester beheading people). The combination of a boyband and making music and demonslaying definitely made me curious for the next book! It was the perfect book for me at that time and if you’re looking for a lighthearted book with a few Fantasy touches, I really recommend this one!

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4 thoughts on “Slay by Kim Curran (review)

  1. Olivia-Savannah says:

    ‘It’s like 5 seconds of summer suddenly appeared in Supernatural.’ Oh man I love the premise and the combination of all of those things! It totally makes me want to read it. The colour on the cover is brilliant, and I love the sound of the chemistry between the boys. Yay for silent characters and sign language representation! I find it cool that he is in a band while deaf as well. Great review x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Michelle says:

      Oh but he isn’t deaf! He just hasn’t spoken in tears after a tragedy, and uses sign language to communicate. It’s not mentioned if he’s is unable to talk or doesn’t talk by choice, but I like that they implemented sign languge. More books should do that!

      Liked by 1 person

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