Owlcrate February Unboxing!

It’s time for yet another unboxing! This time it’s the Owlcrate February ‘Whimsical Beasts’ box. Owlcrate is really becoming one of my favourite boxes and this box did not disappoint. I won’t keep you waiting much longer!

First up is this amazing umbrella. It’s seriously so beautiful and I’ve already been using it and ugh. Even though I’m not a huuuuuge HP fan (please don’t hate me), the fourth book, and especially the Triwizard Tournament is my absolute favourite. The umbrella features some things from that tournament, so you can imagine that I’ll gladly make an exception. The umbrella was designed by Anne Lambelet.

Next up is another Harry Potter inspired item. This beanie is inspired by the magical unicorns. Now, I will make an exception for this HP item aswell since I’m a total beanie fan. I really love it, and it’s PURPLE! How can you not love it?? It was designed by Team OwlCrate and Michelle Gray. Can’t wait until it’s cold again so I can wear it!

The next items are this super cute gem soap. I haven’t opened it yet, but it already looks amazing! I’m also really glad that the ingredients are so evident. I find that some selfcare items that are featured in boxes don’t show the ingredients and people never know what in it and if they’re allergic to something. This crystal soap is handmade and carved by Leeloo Soaps! The other item is a Haku keychain, inspired by Spirited Away (an awesome Ghibli Studio movie by the way). It was designed by Four Seasons Fox and it looks absolutely gorgeous.

then we have two more items that I’m seriously crazy about. I love graphic novels and this is no exception. It’s The Tea Dragon Society by Katie O’Neill and thanks to Oni Press it’s actually an exclusive edition! The drawing style is so cute and I’ve read part of it and already love it! Can’t wait until I have enough free time so I can sit, relax and finish it. And then the pin of the month! It’s inspired by the book of the month, which you’ll see in a minute, and was designed by Ink and Wonder Designs! I love it so much and it already has a prominant place on my pinboard!

The book featured this month is Crown of Feathers by Nicki Pan Preto! It’s a story about two sisters and the bond between them and whether it’s possible to destroy those bonds forever. This edition has a slightly changed cover and amazing sprayed pages. I can’t wait to dive into it!

There were some other goodies too. A feather bookmark and as always, an author letter. And of course a card for the next theme! Which will be, Murder and Mayhem. I’m incredibly excited for it (just as I am for every box really..)

This was another episode of Michelle unboxing a book box! I always love these surprises and I hope that I can continue buying these boxes for a long time. I don’t even know if I would have looked at this book beforehand. I might have found some of my favourite books because of these boxes šŸ™‚

Until next time,

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