a.k.a. Why I Like Buying Physical Books

It’s time for my first BE spring post! My first prompt ‘5 reasons why buying physical books are better’ covers my reasons why I think physical books are better than receiving ARCs, reading ebooks or lending librarybooks. I’m so excited to write this post, but let me just say – this post does not, in any way, diminish anyones favourite format. This is just my preferred format, but if you love ebooks more, or library books, that’s perfectly okay!

Some more information regarding Bookending Spring. This is an event created by Clo@Book Dragons and Sam@Fictionally Sam. Every season they have a certain team and feature a gaggle of hosts who come up with awesome prompts (one of them is me yay!). This season is spring (duh) and takes up the whole month of April. I am so so so excited to be a host and I suggest every single one of you to sign up next year!

Alright, my reasons why I prefer buying physical books:

You don’t need to charge them

I have an eareader next to the dozens of physical books in my bookcase. It’s great and all, but I’m also a very forgetful person. I keep forgetting to charge it, especially since my ereader has a chargerport none of my other devices have. With a physical book I can just read it whenever I want, no battery needed.

They’re your own books so you can write in them, dogear them, upcycle them, do whatever you want without consequences

Don’t at me with ‘oh no you can’t write in books! poor books’. NO. People buy books and they can do with it whatever they want. You can’t tell other people what to do and not do with their own property (unless that property is alive and can feel pain). I swear if someone doesn’t agree with that, I am not going to discuss this with you.

That being said, I don’t do it myself. I have upcycled old books! I made amazing paper roses out of them and I’m planning to make bookish paper cranes next. I love making awesome decoration out of books and I will never stop.

They smell better

The one thing I can vividly remember from library books is that they were gross more often than not. They were full of stains (probably because people eat and drink over them), smelled, and were sticky. I just hate that. So I just buy my own books, I don’t (usually) spill anything on them and I store them in a dry place and they still smell as awesome as the day I bought them πŸ™‚

Your parents/SO/whatever won’t complain you spend all your time behind a screen

I use my ereader and phone/ipad to read books. I use a kobo, not a kindle, so I have to use the Kindle app to access my eARCs. My parents sometimes complain I spend too much time behind screens, so changing to a physical book keeps them silent – I know what you’re thinking ‘you can just tell them you’re reading a book’.. right. Do you know of any parents that’ll believe that? Because mine won’t.

Pretty pictures!

This might not apply to everyone, but it’s pretty important for me. I have been on bookstagram longer than I have had this blog. Ad you need pictures for bookstagram. I personally like using acutal books more than photoshopping, using ipads or using library books – for different reasons. I can’t photoshop for shit, my ipad is old as shit and well.. library books have stickers and most of the books have library binding and I’m not a big fan of that. I can do whatever I want with my own physical books without cconsequences (see point two!). And ARCs always have this notice on the cover that it’s an advanced reading copy.. That is if I would ever get physical ARCs. So far I’ve gotten a bunch of Dutch ones, but only eARCs for English books.

You might have other reasons to buy physical books and I have more reasons myself. Or maybe you have tons of reasons not to buy physical books, trust me, I have loads of those aswell. While I’m summing up reasons I have for buying physical books, please don’t ever think that it’s wrong for you to buy anything else. Everyone has their preferences and that’s perfectly fine. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that ebooks are better, or physical books are better, or library books are better. Stick to what YOU love.

Tomorrow I’m back with another prompt! I’m discussing multiple ways to ‘get rid’ of the surplus of books.. you know, the ones that don’t fit in your bookcase anymore! Curious? Make sure to return tomorrow!

Until next time,

10 thoughts on “a.k.a. Why I Like Buying Physical Books

  1. Rachel says:

    I’m with you. Physical books are better. My husband bought me a Kindle Paperwhite a few years ago because he claimed we had no more room in our house for more books (he was wrong…all we needed was a new bookcase). I still use the Kindle, but if I have the choice I’ll always choose a physical book.


  2. Meeghan reads says:

    book sniffer checking in here πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
    also, lots of screen time hurts my eyes, and i spend all day in front of a computer for work, so it’s nice to pick up a physical book when i get home πŸ“šπŸ“š


  3. Kaleena @ Reader Voracious says:

    I legit love the smell of books, it brings my heart… calm? Which is odd but whatever. I agree with you that physical books are easier to photograph and that’s definitely nice. The only downside for physical for me is that I do most of my reading in bed, and I don’t want to have to get up to turn the light off LOL! But i really like displaying physical collection on my shelves, so they win!


  4. My Bookish Blog - Ayushi says:

    Definitely agree with books smelling amazing! I’m a total sucker for paperbacks! And oh yes for pictures! Thank you physical books because without you what would I do on my bookstagram πŸ˜‰


  5. Clo @ Book Dragons says:

    Yasssss Michelle, I love smelling my books and physical books are also my preferred format. I don’t have a device to read eBooks on really and I spend waaaaaay too much time behind a screen as it is, so I prefer using physical books. I do use library books though…mind that’s when I’ve been to my library to snaffle some books to read. I really want to try upcycling some books…but like the damaged ones that get discounted cause they’re damaged but I’ve not done that yet. Maybe I’ll start hoarding damaged books for upcycling purposes later xD (my parents would probably disown me at that point if I was buying damaged books to upcycle but hey…I can hide them away right???)

    Thanks so much for being a host, can’t wait to see your other prompts!


  6. Rain says:

    Great post! I love all the points you discussed. Totally agree about the great smell and the pretty pictures. If I can buy all the physical books in the world, I would. Ebooks are just so much cheaper so I buy them more often.


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