5 Fictional Characters I’d Love To Trade Places With

I often read books where I would love to trade places with the MC. Though if anyone asks, I always add one condition, I want to be the MC, but with their skills and knowledge added to mine. That way if I end up in a Fantasy or Sci-Fi book, at least I’ll have a chance of survival. I mean.. Everyone knows I wouldn’t survive in any of the books listed below the way I am right now.. Okay maybe one. Though it would probably still end up being a disaster, and I will probably somehow die..


Okay I would definitely want to be in this book, though I kinda think I’ve lived this life. While I haven’t personally written any fanfiction, I have been on Tumblr fduring my college years and I man.. The things I did. I’m not going in detail but yeah ehe. Okay that hehe makes it sound like it’s something dirty but I swear I’ve been a good girl. hehe.

The Illuminae Files

I WANT TO GO TO SPACE AND FIGHT PEOPLE. Honestly I would not want to see the cows, because I don’t think my heart could take that. But I would really really want to do everything the characters in the series do. It’d be so amazing I know you would love it too! AND I COULD TALK TO AIDAN, and have so many space adventures! When there’s not a spacewar!

Throne of Glass

So.. I do not want to be Celaena in this series. I want to be Manon. I want to fly Abraxos and be a witch with iron teeth and iron nails and be a badass overall. Can I please do that? I actually started this prompt wanting to be someone of the Thirteen and being able to look at Manon and crushing on her from afar, but yeah.. spoilers.

Six of Crows

I WANT TO BE A DREG! Someone asked me once what nickname I would get in Six of Crows, and I immediatly said that I wouldn’t be alive long enough to qualify for a nickname. I’m not lying, I would not make it there unless I was Grisha. If I were Grisha.. I think I’d want to be a squallor or a Hertrender. That would be awesome. And I owuuld love to be working with Inej and Nina too.

The Wayward Children Series

Honestly if you didn’t think of this series when you first read the prompt, I want you to back out of this post, and go read the series. Are you kidding me? All these Children go to worlds where they end up belonging – almost all – because they somehow don’t belong in the real world. I want my own door! Who wouldn’t want their own door?

Do you think you’d want to swap places with any of the MC in these stories? Or maybe a different story? (feel free to use the prompt on your own blog! Just make sure to credit me 😉 ) I would love to see what MCs you would swap with ❤

Until next time,

16 thoughts on “5 Fictional Characters I’d Love To Trade Places With

  1. Surbhi Das says:

    Wonderful post and amazing picks!! I too want to be Manon…when I grow up!!! And of course one of the members of dregs!! I am currently reading Illuminae so not sure if I want to be any of the characters in there but the idea of space fighting sounds so cool!!!


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