5 Fictional Characters I’d Love To See In Another World

Okay so hear me out, Enchanted. Remember that movie? Where characters are transported to the actual real world? Imagine that happening, except it would be characters you love.. in a different bookish world. They would have no experience with that world, no knowledge of creatures that roamed the Earth. No other languages (if they speak a different language). Absolutely nothing. It’d be Bear Grylls – Book Edition.

Aelin in the world of Alice in Wonderland

More like Aelin in Wonderland. While her fighting skills would come in handy, and she might be used to magic, I think Wonderland would be extremely hard to get used to. Getting smaller/bigger, weird creatures. I foresee a lot of alcohol in Aelin’s future to try to deal with it. Eventually she would and I can see her becoming friends with all kinds of creatures and definitely defeat the Queen of Hearts.

Kaz in the world of Illuminae

Can we just have a heist in space already? I would absolutely love that! He would probably need a crew though, but knowing Kaz, that would be the least of his problems. I would love to read how he would have solved all the issues the original MCs of Illuminae faced.

Cath in the world of Simon Snow

I often wonder if fanfiction writers would still be excited about the world they love so much, if they were actually living there. Now, this does need a little tweaking, since Cath just being in the world of Simon Snow doesn’t necessarily mean she’d be attending Watford School of Magicks, but let’s just assume she is, and she’s also in the middle of all the action when something happens.

Hesina in the world of Disney

Hesina is a queen in Descendant of the Crane, literally and figuratively. I love her so much and I want her to be happy. But I still want her to be a queen. Just with a living dad and a loving mom. So tadaaa, it’s a Disney story! Without the dramatic death of a parent, and murder charges, but with the mandatory happy ending where everything is fine and she can rule a peaceful kingdom.

Manon in the world of Harry Potter

I just want Manon to be happy. I wonder if she would join the Deatheaters or maybe she’d be like Hagrid. She obviously loves Abraxos and I wonder if she would maybe breed dragons. I think that if she’d be able to fly dragons and maybe fight someone (idk, playfights? Defence against the Dark Arts teacher on Hogwarts??) she’d be pretty content.

Do you think these characters would like their new worlds? Or would you rather see a different character in a strange world? Let me know and I can share my thoughts ❤

Until next time,

6 thoughts on “5 Fictional Characters I’d Love To See In Another World

  1. Heather @ The Frozen Library says:

    OMG Bear Grylls-Book Edition, YAS! XD XD And I LOVE Enchanted! This is such an awesome post! I think Kaz in Illuminae would be hilarious, and I haven’t read Throne of Glass yet, but Aelin in Wonderland sounds so funny too. XD I think I’d read those books.


  2. Krisha🌸 says:

    Such an interesting post! I can definitely imagine Aelin in Wonderland and that would be really fun to read and yes to Hesina in Disney it would be so cool!!
    Great post 😊💛


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