Let’s Unbox This Box Full of Goodies!

After a Fairyloot unboxing, there’s an Owlcrate unboxing! This month, the theme is actually quite similar to Fairyloots – it’s The Dark Side!

For the ones that also follow me on my bookstagram, yes you’ve seen these socks before! They’re Six of Crows socks from Out of Print! I have more socks by them and they’re absolutely heaven for your feet. And on the right.. it’s not really for me, it’s a phone holder. I know there’s another name for it but I honestly don’t know what it’s called. It’s designed by Hey Atlas Creative and inspired by Vicious.

Then we have an awesome banner, perfect for showing off your pins, which is exactly what I did. This months pin was designed by Hey Atlas Creative and is inspired by the book of this month, which will remain a secret for now.. unless you decide to scroll all the way down which would be considered rude and just.. don’t do it.

Then Owlcrate added this awesome Manon inspired notebook. I absolutely love notebooks and I’m very happy that it’s a ringnotebooks because when I run out of paper, I can just replace the paper and all is well again 🙂 It’s designed by Stella Bookish art and that’s one of my favourite artists so woohoo! Double win! And then the purple fabric item is a scarf! It’s Darkling inspired and designed by Bookmark’d Tattoos!

Dun dun dunnnnn, it’s the book! This months box features a stunning exclusive edition of Emily A. Duncans Wicked Saints! It has a beautiful cover and Owlcrate included a fabric map aswell! Let’s hope it fits inside the book because I don’t want to lose it. A map is always handy when starting a new book – and a new world.

So, this is the entire box! I really love it. I love the fabric items and the notebook and the book is so beautiful! Definitely loving this box

So since Owlcrate includes hints about their next box, you get the hint too! Next box will have the theme Epic Adventures and will include an exclusive item by KDP Letters! They always make the most gorgeous things, and the theme sounds exciting aswell! I can’t wait!

Owlcrate continues to surprise me and I can’t wait what their next box will bring. What item did you love most?

Until next time,

One thought on “Let’s Unbox This Box Full of Goodies!

  1. Isabelle @ BookwyrmBites says:

    *continues to live vicariously through your unboxing posts*

    I am SO here for antihero and villain and general dark merch. also blackout poetry is now forever a Victor Vale thing in my mind, lol – and is that a popsocket? I swear everyone I know has one, though tbh I don’t have much use for them so I don’t have any 😜

    probably I will be forever torn between loving notebooks and having too many and being tired of having people constantly gift me more, because while I appreciate a gorgeous cover (like wow this one is so artsy I love it) I also have a lot of opinions about binding and paper quality and lined vs grid vs blank sooooo yeah.

    to be quite honest I didn’t love Wicked Saints, though the book and map in this box are gorgeous. I hope you enjoy it more than I did, when you get a chance to read it!


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