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So this post did not end up what it was supposed to be. It was supposed to be a review, but due to reasons I had almost no time to read this week, and wasn’t able to finish my book. So what I’m going to do, is talk about what book I was going to read, what I’m excited for and what I’m hoping will happen! And then when I do finish it and write that review, hopefully everything I wanted, has happened and I will be a happy little reader.

So since today’s prompt for #PrideLibrary19 is purple books, I was looking for a purple book to read. I had a few unread laying around.. The Disasters by M.K. England, Death Prefers Blondes by Caleb Roehrig, The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Priacy by Mackenzi Lee. I eventually chose Heart of Iron by Ashley Poston. I have a Owlcrate copy, which was included in the March 2018 box, and it has purple sprayed edges too!

And look at this cover, perfect for today’s prompt right? With the purple sprayed edges, the cover even looks móre purple! For those who haven’t heard about Heart of Iron, here is the synopsis:

Seventeen-year-old Ana is a scoundrel by nurture and an outlaw by nature. Found as a child drifting through space with a sentient android called D09, Ana was saved by a fearsome space captain and the grizzled crew she now calls family. But D09—one of the last remaining illegal Metals—has been glitching, and Ana will stop at nothing to find a way to fix him.

Ana’s desperate effort to save D09 leads her on a quest to steal the coordinates to a lost ship that could offer all the answers. But at the last moment, a spoiled Ironblood boy beats Ana to her prize. He has his own reasons for taking the coordinates, and he doesn’t care what he’ll sacrifice to keep them.

When everything goes wrong, she and the Ironblood end up as fugitives on the run. Now their entire kingdom is after them—and the coordinates—and not everyone wants them captured alive.

What they find in a lost corner of the universe will change all their lives—and unearth dangerous secrets. But when a darkness from Ana’s past returns, she must face an impossible choice: does she protect a kingdom that wants her dead or save the Metal boy she loves?

Any book that takes place in space is my jam (haha that rhymed). I love books like The Loneliest Girl in the Universe by Lauren James and The Illuminae Files by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman. I am really looking forward to read all about spaceships and hopefully there will be a spacebattle too!

And androids?! Granted, there is a small part of me scared that we’ll eventually make these sentient androids and that they’ll take over the world, thankfully we only have Sophia, though she scared the crap out of me and talks about destorying mankind.. Kal actually has a pretty awesome post about how the theme of AI Takeover goes back almost 100 years, the explosion of AI technology in the last 20 years, and how much Sophia the Robot creeps her out too. It’s part of her new Stranger than Fiction series and this one was really interesting seeing as I had nightmares for months after seeing I, Robot. I’m very conflicted about the rise of AIs in todays time. It intrigues me, but also scared the living hell out of me.

It also includes people running from the law! It really brings me back to Firefly, while that probably isn’t remotely the same, it’s just always a show I think about when reading about spaceships. I really miss that show and ugh. I just really hope this book will remind me of it somehow. But not enough to make me want to watch the entire show again, because God knows I don’t have the time or the emotional wellbeing to do that.

Of course the LGBTQ+ part of the story. I don’t care it’s Pride Month, every book with good LGBTQ+ representation has 200% more chance of being bought by me than any other book. This particular book features asexuality, queer male ánd female characters! My little queer heart rejoiced when I discovered this. Plus, it’s also an own voices story, as Ashley Poston identifies as asexual, like Ana in Heart of Iron. There are also two main character of colour, which just really ties it all together. So much representation in one book, other authors could really learn from this.

After reading Geekerella and The Princess and the Fangirl, I expect nothing but greatness from Heart of Iron, and I really hope I like it. What’s great is that íf I end up loving it, it’s the first part of a series, Soul of Stars comes out July 23!! So it’s high time I finally start is, and hopefully finish it really really soon.

There better not be any major deaths though, I hope they find the ship, they find what they are looking for and eventually have a happily ever after. Or not, it doesn’t have to be happy, but there better be a good reason not to have one, and not some half baked one where nothing makes sense (I’m looking at you Titanic, Jack fit on that door).

Do you like books set in space, or books including robots? If you do, recommend me some! I can always find more space in my bookcases to put them :). If you haven’t read this one, but really want to, you can join in! It would be awesome to exchange thoughts and be extremely excited about the queerness of the characters together!

Until next time,

6 thoughts on “#Pridelibrary19 – Currently Reading

  1. Kaleena @ Reader Voracious says:

    First of all, thank you so much for linking to my AI post! I love that we are on the same wavelength when it comes to AI, I feel a lot less tinfoil hat now that I am not quite alone.

    I really love the idea of doing a “what I hope for” kind of post, this is such a neat idea! I am really intrigued by this one because Space! Robot! Running from the law! YOU CAN’T TAKE THE SKY FROM ME! 🍃

    I love all the rep in this book, too, and can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this one because I have a feeling it will be landing on my TBR soon. Damn you!


  2. alexandrareads says:

    I have most of the same books on my TBR. I didn’t know that Heart of Iron came out already. I need to go buy that ASAP. I love this post and have a great day 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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