#PrideLibrary19 – Books By Queer Authors of Colour

While todays prompt was Authors of Colour, it’s Pride Month for a reason and I decided to take it a step further. I have collected books I’ve recommended to others, books others have recommended to me, and all other ones I could find to recommend to you.. written by queer authors of colour, featuring queer characters. I quickly realised this was a incredibly hard task, and there weren’t many authors I could find, which either means there aren’t many, or they’re just really hard to find. Honestly both are unacceptable. Hopefully this list will make it a bit easier and will lead you to some awesome reads!

Adam Silvera

So this probably shouldn’t be a huge surprise.. Adam Silvera has written some amazing books: They Both Die at the EndMore Happy Than NotHistory Is All You Left Me, and What If It’s Us with Becky Albertalli. In January of 2020 his new book will be published; Infinity Son, and it’ll be a fantasy with phoenixes, and hopefully really reallly queer.

Benjamin Alire Sáenz

Benjamin Alire Sáenz was born in Mexico and is in the YA community probably most known for his books Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe and The Inexplicable Logic of my Life. Fun fact for those who didn’t know already, Aristotle and Dante is getting a sequel! It’s called There Will Be Other Summers, but unfortunately there’s not definite new on when it’ll be published.

Anna-Marie McLemore

Anna-Marie McLemore wrote amazing books like The Weight of Feathers, Wild Beauty, When the Moon Was Ours and her newest Blanca & Roja. When the Moon Was Ours was a Stonewall Honor Book in 2017!

Gabby Rivera

Gabby Rivera is a writer, youth mentor, and editor of QTPOC content for Autostraddle.com. Her short stories and poems have been published in various anthologies and journals such as Aster(ix) , and the the Lambda-Award-winning Portland Queer: Tales from the Rose City, OMG I’m Gay, a ‘zine for queer youth, and The Best of Panic! En Vivo from the East Village.

She has written numerous America Chavez comics and also Juliet Takes a Breath in 2016 and also worked on Lumberjanes among other authors.

Malinda Lo

Malinda Lo is the author of several young adult novels including the sci-fi thrillers Adaptation and the sequel Inheritance. Malinda also wrote Ash (a Cinderella retelling) and the newest addition to Malinda’s work is A Line in the Dark which isn’t as dark and twisted as it was made out to be, but still a very good read!

I’m sure there are some more, but I need to save something for another prompt 😉 I do recommend all these authors to everyone, not all books might be your thing, but definitely try them out if you’re able to 🙂

If by any chance you know of more queer authors of colour that write LGBTQ characters, let me know below! Also be sure to let me know if youve read any of these books and what you thought of them.

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