#PrideLibrary19 – Guest Post By Hâf @ The Library Looter

For todays post – Favourite Character – one of my friends and co-host for #PrideLibrary19 has written an amazing post! I encourage you all to check out Hâf @ The Library Looter, she is incredible and I really love her blog!

Hi! My name is Hâf, I’m one of the co-hosts of #PrideLibrary19. I usually blog over at The Library Looter for anyone that hasn’t heard about me. I’ll be taking over Michelle’s blog today with my guest post for favourite LGBTQ+ character.

So for today’s prompt I’ve switched it around a little bit, I have so many favourite characters that it was hard to focus on just one for this prompt. But then I had an idea, so here is a list of favourite personality traits in LGBTQ+ book characters. These are all traits I admire and hope to channel these characters whenever I need them! All characters & books listed are favourites of mine too. Here we go;

Jack from Jack of Hearts by L. C. Rosen embodies confidence, he is so utterly sure of himself without being insufferably cocky. He is able to give out brilliant and truthful advice to people in need. I will definitely be channelling Jack’s confidence the next time I need to be brave! 

Red from The Girl in Red by Christina Henry is prepared for anything, she’s versatile and efficient. At the first hint of a virus she was packed up and ready to leave within a moment’s notice. If we ever have any kind of dystopian disaster here, I hope I’d be as proactive as Red!

Michael from The Black Flamingo by Dean Atta was so brave when he went to university, unlike me he joined a society that he adored and he blossomed. He was adventurous and took a chance to do something amazing!

Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde introduces us to Charlie who’s attending a comic con with her two best friends, she’s such a caring and compassionate character, especially with her friend Taylor who suffers from anxiety. We desperately need more compassion in the world. 

Birthday by Meredith Russo introduced me to Morgan, who once she overcame a few hurdles within her life began to live as her true self. Her determination and bravery was inspiring, she sought out the assistance she needed and made important decisions in order to transition. 

I adore Simon from Simon vs The Homosapiens Agenda, it was one of the first coming out stories I read and I will forever consider him a courageous character. He put himself out there and connected with someone, he didn’t let anything deter him from trying to find happiness. 

Apparently I like personality traits that begin with the letter C! Some of these books are old favourites.. Queens of Geek, others are new releases I’ve read this month such as Birthday and there’s a future release, The Black Flamingo which will be published in August. If you haven’t read any of these books yet, I wholeheartedly recommend each and every one, but please check for trigger warnings when reading books that deal with sensitive topics. 

And that’s all from me! Thank you Michelle for allowing me to take over your blog for a day, it was a lot of fun putting this post together. Now here’s a question for you.. which trait from which LGBTQ+ character would you like the most?

Bookishly yours, 

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