My Goals For the Rest of 2019

The first few months of 2019 have been weird. I’ve been settling into my new job, learning all kinds of things, getting better at things I already knew. I worked mornings, evenings, nighs.. I had times I worked from midnight to somewhere in the afternoon. I made new friends, read new books, had moments where I had to park my car because I worked such long nights, I wasn’t sure I could drive straight anymore.

The first half of 2019 are now in the past, along with the first weeks of my bat monitoring duties. I now have more time to do whatever I like. Including writing blog posts, taking pictures, going outside and reading! (and also sending presents to people I love but don’t tell them that because they will smack me)

In order to make the rest of 2019 the best months of my life (so far) I wanted to set myself some rules. I don’t want to look back on these months and think ‘man, I wish I had done this’. They’re not going to be strict rules, so if I don’t make it, there’s no harm done.

Reading Goals

I haven’t had much time to read these past months, so I really want to up my game. I told myself I would read on my way to work and back, but haven’t really done that. I am really going to try it the next months. Hopefully that way I will read more than one book a week!

I also need to finish my ARCs – or at least review the ones that I’ve already finished. I feel like I haven’t been pulling my weight and even though my NetGalley percentage is over 80.. I don’t feel like I’m doing what I should. I need to write reviews as soon as I finish a book, that way I can make sure my feelings are correctly translated into words and my reviews actually help people decide whether they want to read a book!

Work Goals

I started working in a new office, way closer to home, so it’s been nice to have a little bit more time in the morning. Maybe I can spend that time to do some more chores, so I have more free time in the evening. And I’m getting my first own project at work! Well, I have to write an offer letter to the company first and hope I’m not too expensive.

Personal Goals

I have had a hard time making myself relax. There are so many things I want/have to do and I always end up doing chores and not reading or watching tv or playing on my Nintendo Switch. So I’m going to read more. That’s it. Chores can wait until some other time, but reading is something I really need to do to relax.

I also need to start cooking every night. Sometimes I come home late and I feel like I don’t want to do anything and I start napping on the couch, but I don’t have an excuse when I’m working so close to home. I can leave later, and I’m home earlier. I also want to look into meal prep, because then I can just freeze things or put meals in the refrigerator when I come home late. Does anyone have any experience with meal prep that doesn’t take all Sunday to prepare, and are easy to freeze? Please let me know!

That’s the extent of my goals. I’m not pushing myself extremely hard because I’ve had lots of new things on my plate this year and I want to take it slow. I don’t want to end up sitting alone at home, all burned out. I really want to make it all work!

Do you have any goals for the second half of this year? Or do you think you have any tips to help me achieve these goals? Let me know in the comment!

13 thoughts on “My Goals For the Rest of 2019

  1. Aïcha's bookshelf says:

    You can do it!! One step at a time 🙂 For your reading goals, I totally understand you, chores can wait, time to read!


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