Why I Banned Myself From Requesting ARCs

Hi, I’m Michelle and I’m an arc-oholic. I have a problem.. well. problems. The ARCs I have and haven’t read yet are my problems. The fact that I keep requestion ARCs without reading them is a problem. So I banned myself.

Now, I’m not as behind as a lot of other people I see on Instagram or Twitter. I see people who still need to read 100 ARCs. I think I have less than 20 ARCs (I think maybe even 15?), and a bunch of them are ones I’ve already read, but just haven’t reviewed. There are a few reasons why I just don’t get to reading ARCs.. I think a lot of you will recognise the reasons – they don’t just apply to ARCs, but to new releases as well.

There are a couple of tiny ones, like that I have to read my eARCs on my phone, because I don’t have a Kindle. And I get distracted when I’m on my phone because I get tons of notifications (and no, I’m not going to turn them off).

The biggest one is that I have major FOMO. There are so many good books coming out, and out already, and my friends talk about those books constantly and I just have to read those books. It doesn’t work in favor of my ARCs.. causing me to forget all about my ARCs.

In order to make sure I’ll read my ARCs, I have a few rules for myself. Well, there’s one big rule. NO MORE REQUESTING ARCS. It’s not fair for the authors to leave the ARCs lying around like that. And I requested them for a reason. I’m genuinely interested in those books and I do really want to read them.

So what I’ll be doing is read at least an ARC a week, and not request an ARC in the meantime. In order to make sure I won’t have any ARCs lying around at the end of this, the not requesting ARCs will have to be followed until there are no more ARCs left. I don’t have a strict punishment for myself in case I break the rule and request an ARC.. So maybe you know a rule?

Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever requested far too many ARCs and what you’ve done to stop yourself (or if you’re planning something to stop yourself)! Also if you know of a good punishment, please let me know!

8 thoughts on “Why I Banned Myself From Requesting ARCs

  1. Sophia (Bookwyrming Thoughts) says:

    ONE HUNDRED! Same though – how people get there I have no clue, but maybe it’s because I really hate having a lot of due dates and assignments and ARCs are kind of like assignments for me. 15-20 isn’t bad, but I agree with Isabelle – it’s good to get on top of the problem before you’re buried… and never come out of it.

    My huge issue is that everything seems to hit me all at once… at the same time 6 ARCs are publishing, so I end up putting them off and off and off… and sometimes I never get to them (some I do).


  2. Clo @ Book Dragons says:

    I don’t have the ARC problem like at all. I have review copies which are erm….in need of reading cause I got them like last year but I also had been in a slump and it wasn’t fair for me to read a book whilst in a slump mode. Good luck with getting on top of all your ARCs though Michelle ❤


  3. Isabelle @ BookwyrmBites says:

    15 – 20 may not be the (objectively) highest number, but I think it’s a great idea to get on top of the problem before you’re buried in ARCs! prevention > cure and all that.

    my biggest problem is honestly a simple lack of self-control; I see a pretty cover + intriguing synopsis and click request before I can stop to think about it, so I just have to stay off Netgalley/Edelweiss/GR altogether … though of course that’s not entirely possible when I have to post reviews for the ARCs I already have, it’s a conundrum 🤔 (I’ve been trying out writing reviews in a notebook and in MS Word with varying success; I think it’s slowing me down so I have quite a bit of backlog, but it’s definitely helping on the not-requesting-more-ARCs front)

    I believe in you, you’ve got this!


  4. Ruby's Books says:

    Erm…well you know I’m on an arc ban LOL I’m terribly at not requesting books. I think my number one fear is like you said the fear of missing out and not being in the loop and not understanding what people are talking about. I’m also having this weird fear of not keeping up with my favorite authors. I am making a pretty impressive dent in my overdue ARC pile thanks to the ban. I hope you love all the ARCs you read during this arc ban!! Happy reading!


  5. TheCaffeinatedReader says:

    I requested too many and on top of it, I’ve had two random blog tours that I didn’t sign up for, include me so I have to sort that lol I’m like being buried in eARCs and Blog tours for September already. WHAT HAVE I DONE. I did put myself on a ban though, so like after September there’s nothing. THANKFULLY.


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