Winter 2020 looks queer

The beginning of 2020 seems to start of right. There are lots of queer books coming out in February, some of which I’ve featured here! They’re definitely not the only queer books, I am definitely not able to put them all in one post. But I think most of my readers would really enjoy these (I know I will). Here goes 🙂

Belle Révolte by Linsey Miller

This is a highly anticipated book of mine. It involves a swap, which is something I always like (if done right). This is a story that unfolds during a war, where the two swappers must actually work together! And there’s magic involved and saving lives! I’m excited!

Belle Révolte is out February 4

Euphoria Kids by Alison Evans

So I found this book because I was looking for Studio Ghibli books, and apparantly this is for people who love Studio Ghibli movies. It involves magic, dryads, fairies and other realms. It’s supposed to be a YA, but I’m getting strong MG feelings, so we’ll see what it’ll be!

Euphoria Kids is out February 4

King and the Dragonflies by Kacen Callender

I wasn’t sure if I should include this book, because it seems like grief is a big theme in this book. But I decided the story is too important not to include. After all, it can really help someone, because it’s not just about the death of someone really close to you, it’s about figuring out who you are, how to survive after heartbreak. I feel like I should be in the right head space when reading this, but I definitely do want to read this.

King and the Dragonflies is out February 4

The Gravity of Us by Phil Stamper

Okay so it seems a bit unbelievable, but the MC is a 17 year old successful social media journalist, whose father is selected for a publicized NASA mission to Mars.. sounds kind of out there, but I guess it’s gotta happen to someone! When Cal, the MC, has to move as a result of his dad being selected he meets another ‘Astrokid’ and falls head over heels. And then mystery happens! And Cal needs to unravel the mysteries that surround the space program. dun dun dunnnn. Okay yeah, I’m excited for this!

The Gravity of Us is out February 4

The Stars We Steal by Alexa Donne

THIS ONE INVOLVES SPACE. Yes that needed to be in caps, because I love space! So it’s apparantly a sci-fi retelling of Persuasion, I do not know Persuasion. I don’t know if that’s a plus or not, but this the summary makes me want to read it – it feels like there is a enemies-to-lovers kind of thing? And that’s a weak point!

The Stars We Steal is out February 4

Heartstopper: Volume Three by Alice Oseman

I’M. SO. EXCITED. I’ve been following Nick and Charlie’s story on Tapas, but after Volume two, I decided to let myself be surprised and stop reading the story online. So I don’t know what has happened to them, the summary says they’re going to Paris, which is very very exciting!

Heartstopper: Volume Three is out February 6

Okay sidenote: I know I say excited a lot, and I’m sure I’ll say it even more, but queer books are just really really excited!

Wranglestone by Darren Charlton

It’s a queer zombie story! As seen on the cover it starts on an island, where the dead can’t reacht the MC, but when it’s winter.. well.. zombies can walk on ice too. And then things happen and the summary says a dark past will be revealed! That excites me, and I’ve read really really good things about this book, so I’m definitely going to read it!

Wranglestone is out February 6

Middle School’s a Drag, You Better Werk by Greg Howard

This is a MG book, and people, you all should read the summary because it’s cute as hell. It’s about Greg that starts his own junior talent agency and signs up his first client: an aspiring drag queen. And that’s just the first client! I really hope this will be a good coming out story, as there is a character that just came out, and hopefully everything is sweet and non-judgemental. This could be a really good read.

Middle School’s a Drag, You Better Werk is out February 11

Ink in the Blood by Kim Smejkal

Okay first: this book features pan, ace, nonbinary, and trans characters as well as on-the-page m/m, f/f, and nb/m representation. Isn’t that awesome! This book features tattoo magic, which is something I’ve always loved. But things are really not what they seem. So with that ánd so much queer characters, I’m definitely reading this very very soon.

Ink in the Blood is out February 11

Birdie and Me by J.M.M. Nuanez

I hadn’t heard much about this book before starting to look for queer books coming out this month. It does however sound like an amazing read that people can really relate to. It’s about Jakc and Birdie, who basically lose their home after their mom died. And no only does their search for a new home start, but they also have to find out who they are and the people around them.

Birdie and Me is out February 18

A Home for Goddesses and Dogs by Leslie Connor

Another MG book about a girl that becomes an orphan at age 13. She moves in with her aunt and her wife, and they adopt a big yellow dog. the MC doesn’t even like dogs. But this one might be special and there are things about that dog that might help her finding and accepting a new family.

A Home for Goddesses and Dogs is out February 25

The Sound of Stars by Alechia Dow

Aliens! and also death of humans when they first invaded Earth, but we’re not talking about that right now. The aliens – the Ilori – are basically emotionless which causes human emotions (emotional transgressions) to be ground for execution. You probably know what will happen, and I won’t talk about that any further, but I wanted to mention the rep. I wasn’t able to definitively find the rep, but it seems like the Ilori character is ‘labmade’, and might be seen as nonbinary, and have they/them pronouns! Let’s hope it’s done right..

The Sound of Stars is out February 25

We Unleash the Merciless Storm (We Set the Dark on Fire #2) by Tehlor Kay Mejia

This is the sequel to We Set the Dark on Fire and let’s hope and pray it will be good. This time it’s from Carmen’s POV, and I won’t talk about it much because you should really read the first book before even glancing at this, and if you’ve read the first one, you probably already know about this one 😉

We Unleash the Merciless Storm is out February 25

Rebelwing by Andrea Tang

I read the first sentence of the summary (okay thechnically the second) and it said ‘black market’, and I was sold. I love black market stories, they’re mostly about morally grey characters and that’s a weak spot for me. So this is a story about Pru, who ends up in a bad situation and is rescued by a sentient cybernatic dragon.. yeah you read that right. Oh, and according to the authors twitter, this is what the book is about:

“1. cold war via robot dragons
2. 3 fighty girls + 1 soft pretty boy fighter pilot
3. battling dystopian evil for school credits
4. aggressive snack breaks
5. world’s saltiest single mom”

heck yeah.

Rebelwing is out February 25

Are you thinking about reading all of these, like I am? It’s okay if you just read one of them though 😉 I won’t judge you! Let me know in the comments which one(s) you want to read!

7 thoughts on “Winter 2020 looks queer

  1. Kristina says:

    The gravity of us was already on my virtual wanna read!

    I’ve now added King and the Dragonflies; and I SO need to get onto heartstopper eventually – after I’ve read solitaire, i’ve grown so much more interested in reading thoses!
    Although i’m not too sure about the zombies, Wranglestone does looks interresting! Aswell as Ink in the blood with the tattoo magic 😍


  2. TheCaffeinatedReader says:

    I did enjoy The Stars We Steal, but I felt it was a little lacking for me in the Queer Rep as it focused mostly on the MC but! I didn’t realize this, the MC apparently is Demi just never labelled as such. Anyway, great list, I’m adding Gravity of Us to my tbr for sure!!!


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