(Literary) Jewelry

Welcome! Today I’m continuing my series in which I highlight some of my favorite small businessess. They don’t have to sell bookish merch, but that’s always a plus! I have been wanted to do this ever since I started my blog, but ran into some issues with some things and I was unable to continue, I even wrote a post about why I support small businesses. And then I saw Laurens series and it brought back that enthousiasm. I love buying bookish merch and I have about 5 binders full of artprints and bookmarks, 20 sleeves, 100+ candles, probably over 50 pins.. it’s gotten a bit out of hand.. But I just really want to make everyone as enthusiastic about bookish merch as I am and in the process support people that work their ass off to make sure they do what they’re passionate about.

This time I’m featuring Mariyam, who owns Oh Panda Eyes! She can be found on her Instagram and her Etsy shop, and I strongly encourage you to visit both because they are both amazing. She makes the most amazing pictures and everytimes I look at her pictures I get a serious case of the grabby hands. Anyway, let’s see what she’s got to say about her shop 🙂

I initially started Oh Panda Eyes because bookish jewellery from abroad was very expensive, in some cases it cost as much, or more than the item itself. Plus, I really needed a hobby, I’ve suffered from anxiety for a long time, way before I probably even knew that I did and therapy is great, but it wasn’t fun and making something that I could be proud of, well was. 

The first piece I created was a handmade Clockwork Angel necklace inspired by The Infernal Devices, I had read the book and had a vision of what it would look like in my head so I decided to just make it and hope that it might be how others saw it. The pendant was a circle in which I individually glued a range of recycled cogs from old watches and a pair of wing charms, it was fiddly, but so relaxing and each one was different which made it even more fun. 

The main source of inspiration I get is from jewellery that is already written about in books, but sometimes it may just be a quote(s) that speaks to me and I want to see it in a pendant. The shop is really my ‘happy’ place, of course, it would be a dream to be a full-time girl boss, but for now, I’m just happy to be able to create. 

I have a couple of her items, but what I wanted to show you first are some items she had in her store specially to raise money for the Australian fires/firefighters. You could get the acorn bangle or the tree of life. I got both, because.. well, it’s for a good cause and being on the other side of the world, donating money was the only thing I could do. I love she did this, I’ve seen so many shops raisingawareness and money and it’s just really amazing that they did this.

And then a couple of her other pieces (click the pictures to get a better look!):

I love them all, but I do have to admit that the necklaces themselves tangle very fast. Not when you’re wearing them, but when you put them down to go to sleep or something. When I was taking pictures I had like four of them next to eachother and somehow they got tangled and it took me 1,5 hours to untangle them. Of course this won’t happen when you store them correctly, so I don’t imagine it’d be an issue for me in the future. And if you don’t have to worry about that, you can enjoy the amazing jewelry Oh Panda Eyes sells. She also sells these amazing little domes:

I’m not sure if she still has this one in her shop, but she definitely has some other ones and they’re just as beautiful!

I hope you enjoyed this small business post, make sure to check out Mariyam’s Instagram and Etsy shop and let me know if you bought something! And if there is a shop you’d like to know more about, let me know down below in the comments 🙂

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