BE Spring ’20: Spring Clean Your Bookish Collections + Giveaway!

This post is part of Bookending Spring, a month long event in April that was created by Sam @ Fictionally Sam and Clo @ Cuppa Clo. There are a couple of different hosts that write posts based on prompts (that they thought of!) that others can replicate!

All of us are hoarders, admit it. I definitely am. I collect everything bookish, but spring means a new start, for nature and for my collection. I’ll be sharing my way on how I clean my collection and pray I do good, because I will give away some very nice bookish items! Do you collect anything? You can share tips on spring cleaning, how you decide what not to keep and definitely show off your collection!

Now before I start off, I want you to please read this disclaimer. I have been and still am very lucky to buy book subscription boxs and other items. Just because I’m able to do that, doesn’t mean I’m better than others. You don’t need bookmarks, artprints, candles or any other bookish merch to be a good blogger, bookstagrammer or general person. But it is partically the fact that I’m so lucky that I’m writing this. That I’m going to do this giveaway. Because I can understand people feel like they need something to improve their status. Even if you don’t win, rest assured, I will do many more giveaways and I really hope I can let you share in my luck, if you want to of course. But again, you don’t need any of this to be amazing. I’m pretty sure everyone that’s reading this is an awesome person ❤

What I do first is see what kind of collections I have. Some of my collections, well, I’ll never get rid of any of the items. One of those is my collection of booksleeves.

They’re from a couple of different shops, some were in Book Boxes, like Fairyloot or Owlcrate. Most of them are from Bookbesties UK though. Using these booksleeves has saved my books. I often bring a book with me to work, or when I travel to family. If I didn’t have these sleeves, so many of my books would have had tears in the dustcovers. And if I go to book signings, I can safely bring multiple books with me!

However, this is a Spring Cleaning post. I just can’t bring myself to get rid of any of these. I might give them away eventually, if my collection is really out of control, but as of now I still have enough room to store them.

Next up, my pins! I love pins. They can show so much with just one image. I have been subscribed to the Illumicrate x Fable & Black pin subscription from the beginning. Every month I’d get a pin inspired by a book. I also have had a Fairyloot, Owlcrate and Illumicrate subscription for months. They often include pins. So my collection has been growing like crazy.

This isn’t even my entire collection. I don’t really have room on this board, which means I can’t pin my other pins on it. Until I find a second board, or a bigger one, I guess the rest of my pins just have to stay in storage. But for the spring cleaning part – as I said, these pins instantly remind me of a book with just a tiny image. It’s truly wonderful, but it also means I don’t think I want to lose them. Sorry!

So my candles are actually the first thing I think of when someone calls me a hoarder COLLECTOR! I love buying candles, but I hate cinnamon, and a lot of candles seem to have cinnamon in them. And then shipping prices really increased. So I eventually stopped buying candles , and I might not buy them any time soon until I’m completely out of candles.. which you’re about to see, is going to take a long long time. Let’s just look how I store them.

So the left picture shows how I store them, which is just a simple box from IKEA. And the right.. shows how many I have when I dump them all on the floor. What I do when sorting out my candles is sorting them by the companies I got them from. There are quite a few companies that I’ve gotten candles from, some bought by myself and some gotten in book boxes. I love the candles by Meraki Candles and Paper Flames Candle Co. Jordan from Paper Flames Candle Co is so nice and her candles are amazing. If I have to choose a company to order from right now, it’ll most likely be hers. The ones on the picture aren’t even all of them, she also has amazing wood wick candles ❤

When I’ve sorted them, I just go through every pile and smell them. I kid you not, a few years ago I had a surgery to remove my tonsils and something went wroong. I ended up having four surgeries in one day, two of which were to remove huge bloodclots. After the surgeries my smell and taste changed. It was so weird, I didn’t like chocolate or tomatoes.. And I know I ordered candles during that time.. candles that I absolutely hated when my smell and taste returned to normal. I’ve set those aside to gift to friends, because it’s a great box filler :). However, there is one candle I will never ever get rid of.

This is the ‘Thunderstorm’ candle by Witchwood Candles. I got this one in a Fairyloot box, and it smells amazing. It’s not a common candle from their shop though so I can’t re-buy it. Which is the only reason I haven’t burned it completely. I just really like to smell it every once in a while.

This time I didn’t set aside any candles, because as I mentioned, I did that after having my surgery and I don’t think I’ve bought candles after that.. I do realise that I need to burn them more..

Now.. my pride and joy, my absolute favorite part of my bookish collection. My bookmarks and artprints! And.. this isn’t all.. I was cleaning up my collection and I realised I didnt have enough binders. You see.. when I buy bookmarks or artprints, I store them in a big box, or a couple of boxes really.. Fairyloot, Illumicrate, I have a cardboard box aswell. And when those are full, I reserve a Saturday or Sunday to stick them onto white paper with photocorners, and file them with their corresponding fandoms.

Now, I do have a few double bookmarks, but I feel as if they wouldn’t be enough of a giveaway prize. So before I reveal what the prize is, please enjoy some of my artprints and bookmarks.

I have all my bookmarks and artprints in these binders. Including those I got in the Fairyloot boxes. And also pre order incentives (the ones that are actually being sent to countries other than the US and the UK). If you ever want to see a post with more of my bookmarks, let me know!

Now.. for the next exciting part: the giveaway! While I originally thought I had way more things that I didn’t want anymore.. I was wrong. I love my things and even though people are calling me hoarders every now and again, I can still see all the floor in my room, so.. jokes on them. I’m happy 🙂

Instead of that, I’m giving away €15 for a book of your choice from Bookdepository! I have linked Rafflecopter down below and I really hope it’s working, because I’ve never actually worked with it. If there are a lot of interested parties, I will add another prize of a €15 purchase to an Etsy store of your choice, or any other store that sells bookish merch if they don’t have an Etsy! For that, I will just pick a random person form the list of participants (counting the number of entries of course).


Click HERE to go to the giveaway! For some reason Rafflecopter decided not to work with me, so I hope this link is working. The winner will be announced in the beginning of May!

disclaimer: due to the Corona virus and the fact that Bookdepository doesn’t ship to all countries right now, and the added problems with shipping, the order might be placed when shipping has returned to normal.

Now, that’s it for my Spring Cleaning! I hope you enjoyed it, and that you’ll participate in my giveaway! Let me know down below if you collect anything bookish, or if you want to know more about my collection!

ps. if you join this giveaway, you must be 18 years or older, or have permission from your parents to give me your address.

19 thoughts on “BE Spring ’20: Spring Clean Your Bookish Collections + Giveaway!

  1. Desiree says:

    You are not a hoarder. Just a bookish goodie enthousiast.

    I would love to see a blog about all your bookmarks, prints and pins though!


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