BE Spring ’20: Springtime Jam!

This post is part of Bookending Spring, a month long event in April that was created by Sam @ Fictionally Sam and Clo @ Cuppa Clo. There are a couple of different hosts that write posts based on prompts (that they thought of!) that others can replicate!

Make a list of things about spring that make you happy! This can include books, songs, the fact that you can walk around without a jacket, the huge amount of Easter chocolate. You decide what makes you happy!

For today I’m going to share 4 things that are I relate to Spring, that get me out of the winterdip. They might not be the same things that remind you of spring, and the might not make you as happy as they make me, but that’s fine! Everyone finds joy in different things in life.

Animal Crossing

While this isn’t something that is directly related to Spring, Animal Crossing came out just before Spring, thus I’ve been playing it.. the entire time it’s actually Spring. It’s such a relaxing game, you can do whatever you want. My villagers are the absolute cutest, I get the weirdest conversations, but that’s a good thing, it keeps me on my toes. And there are falling stars! I love those so much. It’s really helped me during quarantine, as I’m alone most of the time. It’s definitely making me happy.

Bat Season

This is very personal, as I don’t think any of my readers do this but bat season starts in spring! Now, you might ask yourself, what is bat season?! Well, I’m an ecologist and part of my job is checking houses or bridges or just trees for the presence of bats. You see, bats are protected in my country and if you kill them, you break the law. If you destroy one of their housings, you break the law, if you disturb them during a sensitive period, you pread the law. In order to prevent this, people that work on projects (like people renovating a hhouse need to know if there are any bats. It’s 100% night work, but the temerature is going to go up and it won’t be as bad.

Baby Animals

Yes! Baby animals, baby chicks, baby goats, baby sheep, baby bunnies. Spring is he tme where new life stars.. if nature wasn’t being crazy and start new life a couple of months ago. I love being outside and take pictures of nature in general, but these babies are an added bonus! These photo’s aren’t mine though, I haven’t been able to get the babies posing this well. I’ll keep trying though, plenty of babies to go around in the spring.

Spring Jams

Sure, new songs come out every season, but this season is quarantine season. And one of my favorite bands has released a new song, all recorded during quarantine. It’s Twenty One Pilots with Level of Concern (video below), which has been on repeat in my house for the past few weeks. I’ve also been listening to Wildflower by 5 Seconds of Summer, Bad Child by Tones and I, Dead Horse by Hayley Williams and All Time Low’s new album Wake Up Sunshine, which is some pretty good shit. For some reason, and it’s probably because I’m pretty locked up in my house all day, new songs just hit different. I’m just in love with these songs.

These are just a few things about spring, and maybe specifically this spring, that make me happy. And I could use all the happiness I can take this year. I’m sure you can aswell. So what about spring makes you happy, and it is still something you can see/experience this year? Is it maybe the fact that you can walk outside in shorts and without a jacket, or new tv series?

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