BE Spring ’20: Easter Candy

This post is part of Bookending Spring, a month long event in April that was created by Sam @ Fictionally Sam and Clo @ Cuppa Clo. There are a couple of different hosts that write posts based on prompts (that they thought of!) that others can replicate!

A fun look at Dutch easter candy! Tell us your favorite candies that your country/culture has during the easter/springtime!

My country has some very weird tastes when it comes to candy. A lot of people here love black licquorice, which I’m pretty sure is hated in 99% of the world. We have candy that are called ‘cinnamon pillows’, which are about 80% cinnamon and the work of the devil himself (I hate cinnamon if you didn’t get that yet). And then we have salmiak candy, which I tried to translate and I got ‘Sal Ammoniac’, which I guess is the correct term, but it sounds very weird.

Anyway.. Easter Candy. We have a fuckton of different types of chocolate during Easter, but the most popular type are easter eggs. Very simple eggs, some have fillings. I think the most popular ones are the solid white, milk and dark chocolate ones.

A few months ago there was a test in a magazine on what eggs were the most popular among their readers, and we got the general ones.. caramel seasalt, peanutbutter, crispy white eggs.. and then some weird ones like red velvet, pretzel flavor (??) and pistache. Now, you might think, wow, those might be the weirdest flavors I’ve ever heard of. Well, prepared to be amazed.

You see, there’s a store in the Netherlands, the Jamin, who apparantly has taken it upon itself to create 50 flavors of easter eggs. Mostly pretty normal, I have to admit.. some a bit weirder, like strawberry cheesecake or Advocaat, which is a drink made of eggs, sugar and brandy. But then, there are the weirdest flavors ever.

So I did what I do, and I bought a box at Jamin that you could fill with 50 eggs, I didn’t want to get the normal flavored ones, because that’d be boring. I went to my colleagues and got their advice because apparantly this is not new to some of them. I got the box pictured below.

Yes.. I’m aware there are not actually 50 eggs in this box. I’m not sure who did it, but either my parents or my sister got hungry and ate some. I hope they enjoyed it, but I’m sure they were ones I actually got multiples of, so not to worry. I just want to show you guys some of the weird flavors I got.

So the first ones are flavors most of you probably know, or at least heard of. Banana split, which is super weird because it tastes nothing like it, red velvet, which I never had before so I can’t actually judge if the taste was right. then we get pizza. Yup, there is a pizza flavored easter egg. I don’t know who thought of it, but let me tell you, it was a terrible idea. And also.. apple pie. I think apple pie was one of the first ones I tasted and I really wanted to give up on this, but I felt like I had an obligation to show everyone how weird this country is.

Then the ones that are probably unknown to people who don’t live here. I’ll add a picture of the actual product it’s supposed to taste like and of course will tell you if it tastes like that. Pray for me.

So the first one is ‘zure mat’. Directly translated it’s called ‘sour mat’, and it’s a great candy if you love sour candy. Now that I think of it, it might actually be a type of candy that’s available in different countries, but please stick to that and don’t try to use the flavor in an easter egg.

Next up: gevulde koek. This is a rather popular type of cookie in the Netherlands. It’s just a soft cookie with Almond paste inside of it.

At first it was really good, but then again the first thing you taste is chocolate. I don’t know what their plan was with this chocolate egg, but it does not tase like a gevulde koek. This is horrendous, I want my flavor back.

Another cookie flavor is boterkoek which translates to buttercookie. 100% my favorite cookie, but you can get nauseous very quickly. I don’t understand these people! Why do they try to use our loved cookie and candy flavors in my precious easter chocolate eggs. I’m fuming.

Other weird ones whose flavors are well known, just not as an easter egg, are mango, discodip (yeah the sprinkles you put on icecream), chai latte, red velvet, watermelon (WHY?!) and candyfloss.

Honestly, if you’re grossed out after reading this, I don’t blame you.. If you are interested.. well I’m judging you (kidding). I didn’t have the most luck tasting these, thankfully there are also a lot that I do like and that I did buy!

Do you have any cool or kind of weird Easter candy? Show it off in a post of your own! I would love to see it ❤

Today is my last day as a host for Bookending Events Spring. Tomorrow is going a bit different than expected. Unfortunately, the host that should have started tomorrow is unavailable. Thankfully, Sam (the Amazing) is able to take over as a host! The prompts will be the same, but they will be on Sams blog.

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