It’s Queermas!

It’s your neighbourhoodqueer with an amazing announcement! Queermas is arrived. Yes, like Christmas.. but it’s in June and in stead of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, or just people getting presents, we’re gifting you queerness. Do you remember last year’s awesome #PrideLibrary19 June challenge? (of course you do 😉 ). This year, Anniek @ Anniek’s Library, Hâf @ LibraryLooter and I are back with our #PrideLibrary20 June Challenge!

I’ve been on Instagram for a couple of years now and I’ve been seeing more and more LGBTQIA+ books. It makes me incredibly happy because when I was questioning my sexuality and eventually found myself ad understood who I was an dwho I liked, I had to do it all by myself. There weren’t many books about questioning bisexual teens and even if there were, they weren’t available to me at the time. It was a rough time.. but now, every day I see more and more books with MCs with all kinds of gender identities and sexualities. It makes me happy that people who are questioning today have such a vast pool of knowledge. That they have the opportunity to read so many different stories about different characters who could be identifying the same way as they are. And it’s not just about being queer, it’s also about dealing with mental illness or being a person of color. It’s about being able to find something that make you feel like you’re finally matter, that people see who you are. It’s always hard for me to make people understand how important queer books are for me, and that’s partly why I’m so grateful for them to exist. Through books I’m able to express myself, to learn how to be me better than any other type of media can.

However, just because there are plenty of book nowadays (just kidding, there will never be enough. Please make everything queer), the main issue is probably getting the books to the people, or at least the information that these books exist.

To spread the queer love and hopefuly help people exploring, learning to understand or just let people enjoy a good queer book, Anniek, Hâf and I are doing our June challenge again, this year we’re following it with #PrideLibrary20. The challenge will consist of 30 prompts, all dealing with some type of queerness, whether it’s sexuality, representation or letting people know queer authors. Let’s see the prompts, shall we:

Now, there is an extremely important rule to this challenge. All books must be queer. We’ve been seeing loads of people making rainbowstacks with books that don’t feature any queer characters. Books showed off during certain days that don’t feature characters that identify as a certain rep. The point of this challenge is to spread queer joy and make other people aware that these books exist. Using the hastag and not featuring queer books kind of defeats the purpose. So please, if you are going to participate, use queer books/authors <3.


The prompts listed in the image above will be explained by Anniek. Most prompts speak for themselves, but in order to make sure they’re 100% understandable my lovely co-host will go through the prompts. If there are any questions, please ask them. Whether it’s more info about a prompt or because you’re wondering what books you can use or if a book you’re considering using actually has a certain type of rep. We might not be able to answer all of them, but we will definitely try. Hâf already has a post up in which she suggests books with a specific type of rep, so definitely pop by her blog to check it out!


This challenge comes with a giveaway as well!!🎉 Three people will win a 2020 LGBTQ+ release of their choice valued up to €15! Two through Instagram and one through Bookblogs. We’ll pick the winners at the end of the month. The giveaway is international, as long as Book Depository ships to your country.

You can participate on your bookblog by following all three of us and writing a post about the prompt of that day. It can be a deepdive into a character or recommending books with a specific rep. Please link back to our announcement posts: Annieks can be found here, Hâfs can be cound here, and you’re reading mine right now.

I hope everyone is going to have fun with this cahllenge! And of course spread so many amazing queer books. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact either of us on our blog, Instagram or Twitter!

7 thoughts on “It’s Queermas!

  1. TheCaffeinatedReader says:

    This was so much fun last year, and I’m so happy to say that I can do all the prompts this go around as thanks to you and other amazing bookish people, I’ve filled my library with all the Queer books I can get my hands on lol, can’t wait to do this!


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