My Favorite Queer Series (So Far)

Before I start this post I would like to ask you to take a moment and think about what’s happening in the world. Black people everywhere are fighting for their lives. They are being murdered only for who they are. Please do research, share resources, donate to one of the organizations that desperately need your help. I have linked a few below. We can’t stay silent anymore.

The Bail Project – This national (American) fund helps pay bail for people in need (including protesters). Once a client’s case has ended, the bail money is returned to the fund and used over and over again, so your donation here can go a long way. You can also visit The National Bail Fund Network to see a full directory of bail funds by state.

Communities United Against Police Brutality – This Twin Cities-based organization confronts police brutality by providing those in need with services, including but not limited to crisis hotlines and legal, medical, and psychological referrals. It also holds rallies, protests, and educational seminars alongside “routinely waging battles in the political and legal arenas to bring about changes in laws, policies, and practices that reduce accountability and allow police brutality to occur.” You can donate to its cause via PayPal here.

This twitter thread shows important petitions to sign:

More information about ways to help can be found on this website. And follow people that have been speaking out about the issue. On Twitter:

Some amazing Black creators that have been speaking out are @BeeButTired@yerabooknerdzoe@BowtiesBooks@femmeandfrills@TheNovelLush@itsmyoreads@mikaauguste@chanelletime@thatdisneychikBowtiesandBooks is also sharing a lot of important information on Instagram.

Don’t say you don’t have time to educate yourself. If you have time to read my post, you have time to educate yourself.

Everytime I’m asked whether I prefer standalone books or series, I answer standalones. It’s not that I hate series, but the story in a standalone is usually wrapped up really nice. I don’t have to wait fucking years until the series is completely published before finding out what happens to the characters. However, in series the characters can go through an extensive character development arc, go on multiple adventures or just fuck around alot (which you have to admit, is something you like if it’s a caracter you love). There are two queer series that I really love, and if you know me, you already know which ones I’m going to show you. But I’m going to show you anyway 🙂

Heartstopper by Alice Oseman

This graphic novel series revolves around Nick and Charlie. Charlie is openly gay and is having a really tough time. Nick is such an adorable soft rugby player. they meet at school and quickly become friends.

The story is published on Tapas, and then when a volume is finished, published in paperback form (though I’m pretty sure the US has a hardback). It’s a really endearing story, both Nick and Charlie have to face certain things in life that are tough on them. Finding out who you are isn’t easy.. Aside from Nick and Charlie, the novels feature other characters that are struggling with their own issues. I really like that there are so many characters, dealing with real life issues, but it never gets overwhelming.

The representation in these books is pretty awesome, the MC is gay, the other MC is a questioning bisexual. There is a trans side character and a f/f couple.

There are a couple of content warnings in this series: mentions of self-harm, mentions of past bullying, depictions of an eating disorder, swearing, very mild violoence, non-consensual kissing (one time), homophobia (infrequent). As far as I know there is and will be no graphic or explicit imagery of any kind, no violent, disurbing or sexual imagery.

Not Your Sidekick series by C.B. Lee

I Love Superheroes! In Andover, superpowers are common. Jessica Tran has none. Even though she fully expected to have them because of her heroic lineage. Instead of moping (admittedly she still mopes a bit), she finds the perfect internship.. with the most heinous supervillain. But. of course her long time crush works there so of course she takes it. And she also kinda takes it to spite her superhero parents. What happens next is an adventure deeper into the superhero and -villain world, where Jessica finds some secrets that go beyond superheroes and -villains.

The books are set in a world after WWIII, where radiation caused people to get superpowers. This is one of the first books where other countries are mentioned. As someone that doesn’t live in the US, it’s beyond frustrating that things only seem to happen to the US, and the outside world is just.. never mentioned.

There is a lot of representation in the books. A bisexual Chinese-Vietnamese MC, lesbian love interest, Latinx asexual side character, Black trans side character, queer Chinese-Vietnamese side character, discussions of pronoun use/gender-neutral pronouns. I would just recommend this series for these representations alone.

There are a couple of content warnings, so please be advised of those when you start reading these. There is racism, violence (it’s a superhero novel, it’s to be expected), kidnapping and imprisonment.

I absolutely adore these series and they’re among the few books I would always reread. If you haven’t read these, please consider picking them up! And even if you don’t normally like graphic novels, you can always start reading Heartstopper on Tapas (and then when you are obviously going to like it, buy the graphic novels because they’re amazing!)

Let me know if you’ve already read these or if you’re considering picking these up! 🙂

7 thoughts on “My Favorite Queer Series (So Far)

  1. Siham @ readingatlastblog says:

    I have been meaning to pick up Heartstopper since like forever. It looks so cute and wholesome! As for not your sidekick, I planned to read it this month. But I had no idea that it was queer, really looking forward to it now 🙂


  2. Nicoline Simone says:

    I don’t read graphic novels I must admit. But Heartstopper sound really interesting and the characters as well! I am sure I would adore Nick. :)))
    Am I completely dumb and missing out if I don’t know what Tapas is?


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