A little more about me

Hi everyone!

I’m Michelle, a 27 year old ecologist from the Netherlands. As you could have seen in the little blurb underneath my picture in the sidebar on the right, I started this blog to share my thoughts about books, tv shows and movies and maybe more that I can’t share anywhere else. Or maybe not as freely as I thought or want. I also love to have everything in one place and this seems to be the best place for that!

My love of books started way way back when I was in boardingschool. Even though Dutch books are awesome, a whole new world opened up when I learned English and I was able to read English books!

Since I grew up at a boardingschool, I didn’t really have lots of space to store books. I borrowed a lot from the library, but as soon as I had my own space I started collecting like crazy. Not just books, but bookmarks and artprints. Everything that could convey my love for books and the characters that became so precious to me.

Time passed and I found instagram, you might have seen mine (if not you can look at my whole profile here!). I enjoy it so much, because of instagram, or rather bookstagram, I discovered book subscription boxes and so much amazing bookish businesses and books. I’ll definitely post about book subscription boxes and show you what those entail!

I hope you enjoy my little weird place and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to email me or contact me through the form on the contact page!