Spooktober? More like queertober

I skipped queertember and I'm really sorry, but now it's queertober! No that doesn't sound right.. octoqueer? That kinda sounds like a very weird octopus. Well, we're just going with queertober. There were a lot of really awesome queer books coming out in September, but that's in the past (if you want to know which … Continue reading Spooktober? More like queertober

Look at all these Queer Necessities

I can't make a queer pun with the month of August, you'll just have to deal with this. So.. I've been gone for a while.. I'm not sure if I'm really back and it might take a while before I really know if I'm back or if I even want to be back. But I … Continue reading Look at all these Queer Necessities