Look at all these Queer Necessities

I can't make a queer pun with the month of August, you'll just have to deal with this. So.. I've been gone for a while.. I'm not sure if I'm really back and it might take a while before I really know if I'm back or if I even want to be back. But I … Continue reading Look at all these Queer Necessities

It’s Queermas!

It's your neighbourhoodqueer with an amazing announcement! Queermas is arrived. Yes, like Christmas.. but it's in June and in stead of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, or just people getting presents, we're gifting you queerness. Do you remember last year's awesome #PrideLibrary19 June challenge? (of course you do 😉 ). This year, Anniek @ … Continue reading It’s Queermas!